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Decrease Downtime

Decrease Costs

Increase Uptime

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The SPEEDFIX Benefits

The Top 10 benefits to equipment owners can save millions of dollars:


  • Radically improves repair time (from days to minutes in most cases);
  • Reduces equipment downtime (and therefore lost revenue);
  • Enables timely remote warranty updates and preventative maintenance;
  • Eliminates costs and administrative time associated with transporting mechanic to equipment or vice versa;
  • Reduces driver downtime;
  • Reduces need for safety stock and/or rental equipment;
  • Minimizes cost of post-warranty service;
  • Expedites access to OEM-certified & TEM-certified technicians, while saving money when internal technicians are sufficient;
  • Improves visibility of maintenance records and failure rates/trends;
  • Improves accuracy of parts ordering.

SPEEDFIX Applications


Anything with persuasive speech topics funny an ECU (132 classes of equipment)


To/From almost anywhere on the planet using cell, SatComm or Dual (tested with military equipment in Iraq)


Virtually unlimited; Any segment that utilizes equipment/assets with an ECU


Almost all OEMs and TEMs with simultaneous multi-OEM/TEM connectivity for real-time collaboration/coordination

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    The SPEEDFIX Difference

    Some manufacturers currently leverage the patented SPEEDFIX process, but in a coop home goods shredded memory foam pillow review very limited way. A few key differences:

    • OEMs

    • $0/mo
      • Limited to key technicians at OEM
      • Single component & manufacturer
      • Limited to data
      • N/A
      • Limited to OEM service

    • Capability

    • $0/mo
      • Service Request Routing
      • Issue Visibility/Resolution
      • Media
      • Coordinated Service
      • Recordkeeping


    • $0/mo
      • Unlimited internal and external routing
      • Unlimited components and manufacturers
      • Data, Voice and Audio/Visual
      • Simultaneous multi-OEM/TEM
      • All service records in one place

    What our client says

    ROI Calculator

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