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The SPEEDFIX technology and service solution is more than a decade in the making. As with most innovations, it took time to value persuasive speech topics develop and perfect. Once ready, we underwent extensive field testing over a two-year period with a wide array of clients, equipment and geographies. We and the beta clients were ecstatic with the results so we have assembled an incredible team and rapidly moved into commercialization.


The SPEEDFIX team is comprised of experienced veterans in a variety of industries transportation, construction, sanitation, defense, telecommunications, retail, aerospace and disaster relief to name a few. We understand first-hand the need to create a faster, more efficient system for asset maintenance and repair and we ve made it our mission to lead the way.

With patented technology and AS9100 certification, we are uniquely positioned to provide parts, service and recordkeeping for 132 classes of equipment to/from virtually anywhere in the world. We re excited to put the power of remote coop home goods pillow control into the hands of companies and governments helping you realize improved return on capital investment through dramatic reductions in repair time and repair-related costs.

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