Case Studies

Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians (EBCI)

As Head of Operations, I was responsible for more than 10,000 pieces of equipment from garbage trucks to generators to class 8 trailers to emergency vehicles. We piloted the use of SPEEDFIX and their Virtual Service Baya? technology for 12 months.

In that time, we leveraged SPEEDFIX for 1,124 service requests and warranty updates on 64 different categories of equipment. If it had an ECU, we used SPEEDFIX to remotely diagnose and service it sometimes connecting directly with OEM technicians and sometimes with our internal service techs to save money. Our wrecker costs dropped to almost nothing as only one of the 1,124 breakdowns required a wrecker. The rest were handled wherever the asset sat in an average of 29 minutes! What used to take us 7-10 days depending on the queue at the service center was now being handled in less than half an hour. Warranty updates were handled remotely while the assets were idle in the yard  so that we never had to take them out of production for PM.

SPEEDFIX revolutionized our operations. When we sat down and reviewed the increase in revenue and the decrease in repair-related expenses, SPEEDFIX had an impact on our bottom line of more than $4 million dollars in one year. We were all blown away by the technology and how much more efficient it made us Its by far the most exciting advancement thats come along in my career.

Forrest Parker

Summary By The Numbers

1,124 Total Service Requests

64 Types of Equipment Serviced

99.9% of Service Requests Handled Successfully by SPEEDFIX Without Need for Tow

29 Average Time of Repair (in minutes)

4 million Dollar Impact on Bottom Line

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