How it Works

SPEEDFIX differentiates unique persuasive speech topics for college students itself from other products by telematically interfacing an OEM service tech or your own internal service tech with the engine or computer of any CNC/ECU controlled vehicle/asset nationally and/or internationally by providing direct and live OEM access to diagnose and repair weatherproof grill electronic malfunctions from afar.


SPEEDFIX Is The ONLY Multi-Directional Service Allowing:

Significant Reduction in Downtime

Remote OEM Dealer MasterTech diagnostics, parts ordering through delivery then installation, and final programming

Interconnecting a company nationwide and global internal service expertise & facilities


How It Works:

  • Send a request for service via: Login, Email, Phone or your SPEEDFIX¬†Access Point.
  • Schedule your diagnostic time
  • Plug your laptop/tablet/phone into the vehicle
  • Follow OEM Technician’s guidance
  • Service Tech uses the laptop/tablet/phone to listen, look & determine what is wrong, what actions to take, what parts to order, or what repair or reprogram to initiate and complete

ROI Calculator

Let see how much SPEEDFIX can improve your company's revenue and uptime?