Service Solution

SPEEDFIX enables remote maintenance and repair service for any equipment with an ECU to/from virtually anywhere in the world.  What does that mean?

It means when equipment breaks down, the driver can plug in their smartphone and connect to internal or external technicians for immediate diagnostics and, more often than not, repair.  Your tow service expenses will drop dramatically.  Your equipment wont have to sit in queue for days at the service center waiting for a service bay to open up. Instead, the majority of repairs can be handled in less than 30 minutes wherever the vehicle sits.  Faster repairs mean more uptime which means more revenue.

For warranty updates, remote service means important maintenance updates can be handled while the asset is idle.  No more having to decide whether to skip warranty updates or take equipment out of production.  Now you can protect your valuable assets without sacrificing revenue and profitability.

ROI Calculator

Let see how much SPEEDFIX can improve your company's revenue and uptime?